It’s Ok To Not Be Ok…..

Hey guys – Tiff here! I just wanted to let everyone know that it is ok to not be ok. We are all human. We were not born perfect, and that is ok. It is ok to have feelings. It is ok to feel happy one day and unhappy the next. It is ok to not feel your best self every single day. The world makes it as if you have to have it together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Social media is a clout chaser in itself. Why is it that people never post their flaws but only post their successes. Eventually after looking at Instagram or Facebook all the time and seeing everyone at their upmost best, you may begin to fall into that comparison trap. After a while this can start to effect your mental health, especially if you are having a tough time or going through something strenuous.

Social media is a clout chaser in itself…”

Speaking of tough times, we all are going through it via the pandemic aka COVID-19. No one expected this virus would get this bad and unfortunately 40 million people are unemployed because of it. For many, this is the first time one has ever experienced unemployment, so think about the mental stress that is putting on people. So why isn’t the focus on everyone’s mental health right now? Why is the focus solely on everything else but that. Loved ones are passing away daily and are not able to say goodbye to their families.

“So why isn’t the focus on everyone’s mental health right now? Why is the focus solely on everything else but that…”

Going back on the social media front, I also want to let it be known that just because a person posts on social media daily or every so often does NOT mean they are ok. One should not assume this by any means. Check on your loved ones, friends, etc. Many have no idea what others may be going through and most importantly be nice to others, especially now! Typically when one ask “How are you?” we automatically say we are good, however most of the time that is not true. We just say it because it is the right thing to say. When was the last time someone was actually honest in saying how they really feel?

If you are not ok, it is ok. It is understandable. We all have our downfalls however if it wasn’t for our downfalls, we would not be able to achieve our goals and have a testimonial story behind it.


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