The Ultimate Clout Chaser Is Social Media…

Yes, I said what I said! Social media is the upmost clout chaser of them all. Disagree with me, that’s fine. But before you have a final opinion, read my reasoning below. I love social media via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. While making post after post and expressing my life to others through stories and pictures, I realized that not only did I not want everyone in my business, but that I was comparing myself to others and feeling a sense of relief through likes on my statuses or pictures. The more likes I got from a picture on Instagram, the better I felt. The more views I received on Snapchat kept me going and wanting to post more and more. Is this healthy? Absolutely not! I was living my life through social media when I should have been living it in real life.

Social media is literally a popularity contest where people compete for likes and compare one another to see who is the social media king and queen. It’s like the Hunger Games virtual edition – let the odds be in your favor… HAHA! Seriously though, why is it that people never post their flaws and only post their successes? We need our flaws to lead to success because without our flaws there would be no success, so why not post them? Why not post our downfall or talk about struggles we go through in life. For every success story, there is a testimonial behind it.

“We need our flaws to lead to success because without our flaws there would be no success, so why not post them?”

Unfortunately people want to keep their struggles and flaws private which is fine, however this brings me to the social media life versus real life. You can make yourself look so perfect on social media but be a complete mess in real life. As Cardi B say’s “they do anything for clout!” “DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Trust me, half of what you are seeing on a persons profile is not the accuracy of their actual life.

Social Media Versus Real Life

I understand that people follow trends but why not be your own trend. Why not stand out for once and be different? Why is being popular so important to so many people in their own way? Before there was social media, one was seen as popular if they knew a lot of people and had many friends. Now, popularity has turned into a virtual machine as your followers are now your “friends,” where if you have a ton of followers on your Instagram or if you have 1,000 plus Facebook friends you are seen as favored or well liked.

“Popularity has turned into a virtual machine…”

The sad thing is that some people do not have nearly as many actual friends, if any, as they do on social media sites. One ends up hiding behind a computer screen or cellular device not living in reality, focused on how many likes this one picture on Instagram will get. Even the filters on IG or Snapchat make you look better than you actually do in real life. Not wearing make up today? That’s fine, Snapchat and Instagram has solutions for that via their filters. Post a picture filterless for once!

When will people come to realize that you do not have to video every moment, post every picture taken, check their IG when they first wake up to see if that post got the number of likes they wanted and honestly, WHEN WILL EVERYONE START LIVING IN THE MOMENT FOR THEMSELVES AND NOT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE?

Check out this video below by Jay Shetty for reference and be sure to check out my “Ask Tiff” tab for discussions on mental health awareness!

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