Reasons I Became A Business Owner 💼

Hey guys – Tiff here! I am proud to announce that I am officially a business owner! Surprised much? Me too! I never would have thought that I would create my own lane and run a business, but here I am. What lead me here you ask? Well, there are plenty of reasons however I shall list the most important points for now.

As crazy as this may sound, the current Pandemic via Covid-19 led me on this journey. Right before the virus hit, I accepted a new position in the mortgage industry as a Marketing Coordinator that had a ton of potential. “I made it!” I thought to myself. It honestly was the happiest I had been at a company after searching for a position for over a year. After all the no’s and rejections, I finally got a YES! Unfortunately, that happiness was short lived as I was laid off just 2 months after I started. As I was right back at square one, so many thoughts were going through my head. “Is this a joke? My past co-workers are probably laughing at me. What a dumb decision I made. This cannot be real! What do I do now?” While my mind was racing, I did what I was taught. I applied to a ton of jobs hiring for marketing positions and was waiting to hear back. Some companies interviewed me virtually however those did not work out.

Rejection after rejection letter saying that I did not fit their qualifications or that I just was not a good fit. Some even ghosted me as I never heard back from them. Irritating and annoying do not even describe how I was feeling, I just knew I had to keep going because if I gave up, I would lose it all. I knew I was experienced and was well qualified for any position I applied for! However with the job marketing tumbling down and the competition being incredibly high for those roles, it was becoming impossible to get anything. Just like everyone else, I had bills. I could not allow myself to go back to what God brought me out of.

“I just knew I had to keep going because if I gave up, I would lose it all”

The breaking point was when I did an in person interview for a marketing agency via a Project Coordinator position. I aced the interview and was waiting for a call back. 2 weeks passed and finally I got “the call,” however it is not what I was expecting. A hiring freeze was placed on the position and at that point, I had it! I understood it was due to the Pandemic, however this virus has really shown the “true colors” of the hiring process within companies.

This was the point that needed to hit for me to realize to create my own lane and create my own brand. I had always been a super hard worker, so why not put that drive towards myself. Marketing was my career and something I already knew how to do well. I got tired of reading rejection letters explaining that I was not a “good fit” for their company. Even my past roles had an impact as well, where I trained someone in my department and they got promoted over me and eventually became my manager. Good ole corporate America! Why should I work for someone else’s dream when I can execute my own?

“Why should I work for someone else’s dream when I can execute my own?”

I realized that I was a perfect fit for my company that I created! Rejection is just redirection for your greater purpose. All those “no’s” that were received was just God’s path to a greater yes! I always had it in me to be a entrepreneur as it runs in my family, however it just took years for me to figure that out. Through all the knowledge I had learned and with everything going virtual now, I decided to create a virtual one stop shop marketing service for the clientele below! I am so excited to have been led on this journey to become a business owner, and overall – BLESSED 🙏 Be sure to checkout my website (via the button below)and stay tuned for the launch date! This one is for you Dad #The Smiths 💕

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