Ask Tiff! Mental Health Awareness

So many unique mental health journeys to explore!

Hey guys! Tiff here. I have a unique journey to tell in regards to my mental health. I have been through a lot and would love to share my story with everyone. This tab is specifically for individuals to discuss their mental health questions, issues, story, etc. Let’s talk about it and quit being QUIET! Share your questions and or story in the comment tab below to get the conversation going!

4 thoughts on “Ask Tiff! Mental Health Awareness

  1. Tiff. Love this. This is my field as well. Thanks for being bold enough to bring it to the attention of everyone.


  2. I lost my brother to suicide in 1997. It was shocking I had no idea he was unhappy. It’s nothing you ever get over. My life changed that day and for my parents & my siblings. I was newly married and my husband didn’t help me through it(maybe he didn’t know how). The pain of loosing the family member stays with you forever. I’m a Mom now with 4 sons. That’s my focus and I have gotten therapy to deal with the grieving process.

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  3. Debbie – thank you for sharing your story. A lot of the times we do not know if the other person is unhappy because they may not show signs of that, which is difficult when it is unexpected. All we can do is pray and let God heal us all. I am happy you are going to therapy to cope. ❤️


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