A Letter To Myself: The Twenties Era

Hey guys! Tiff here. Guess what?! Chapter 30 is about to enter my life on August 5th – the best day ever on earth! Where my Leo’s at? Haha! Seriously though, where did the time go. I remember when I was just turning 20 years old thinking I was grown and knew it all – boy was I wrong. However it was a great feeling at the time – lol.

Since I am about to enter into my oh so dirty 30’s, I figured it wouldn’t be right if I did not look back into my twenties era. Honestly I will say that I regret absolutely nothing I did in my twenties and that I did everything that I wanted to do. Lets way out the pros and cons:

Pros In My Twenties 😁

• College parties
• Making new friends
• Dating (I actually do not miss this lol)
• Clubbing till 4am
•Greek events
•Graduating college
• Meet my brother for the first time
• President of my sorority
• Did a ton of traveling!
• Entered corporate America in my field (I would say this is neutral 🙃)

Cons In My Twenties 😩

• Working 2 jobs at once while in college (yep, I worked my way through school and have had over 10 jobs – yikes!)
• Dating (This is also a con for me – haha!)
• Confusion (I was confused as ever)
• Lack of money ( Hints why I worked so many jobs!)
• Roommates

Clearly my pros outweigh my cons here. My twenties were great to me sometimes and honestly sometimes they were not. They were more of a lesson to myself that led me to where I am today.

Be Different – Knowing what I have learned from 20 years old to now, I would tell myself that it is ok to be different, to stand out and to not follow the trend. At one point, it was just so important to me for everyone to know who I was and to follow what everyone was doing to “fit in.” I was trying to fit the format of what society was telling me to be versus what and who I wanted to be. In college, there was a time where I had completely lost who I was, where I was no longer known as Tiffanie, but Tiffanie Mishelle on Instagram. I showed up to a party and this guy approached me saying “your Tiffanie Mishelle off Instagram!” I immediately was turned off and just looked away. The fact that someone saw me as not myself, but a social media platform username triggered me to stop caring about my image and only care about my actual self – the true me.

“I was trying to fit the format of what society was telling me to be versus what and who I wanted to be.”

Life After College – I would also tell myself to be patient and to stay determined via life after college. Once I graduated, I remember feeling so lost because no one would hire me and give me a chance in the field I got a whole Bachelors degree in. Filling out at least 100 + applications and receiving rejection after rejection had me thinking about why I even went to college. I had 3 internships and experience via campus positions and still nothing. It took a year to find a position in my field and that took patience and determination.

“Filling out at least 100 + applications and receiving rejection after rejection had me thinking about why I even went to college.”

Spiritually – God has you covered girl, stop worrying about every little thing. It is already handled in the power of the Lord – This something I definitely wish I realized sooner rather than later. It has been a long and difficult journey to get to where I am and honestly, I am just thankful that I am alive 🙏

“God has you covered girl, stop worrying about every little thing.”

Dating – I HATED dating in my twenties! Through all the bad dates and the failed relationships, I at one point had just given up on guys and thought I would be single forever. I would tell myself that you have to kiss a-lot of frogs to get to your prince charming 💕

Friends – I have realized that everyone comes into your life for a purpose. That doesn’t mean they have to stay forever. When friendships stop growing, it’s ok to let go. The real ones will endure the test of time.

Myself – Remember the fearless girl that had big dreams and knew she would conquer them some how. The girl aspired to be the best she could be. The one that kept going and never gave up through the good and bad times. NEVER FORGET THAT GIRL! Always be that girl and never let her leave your heart. -FOLLOW YOUR PATH. Some people will be there to support you, encourage you, and believe in you EVERY. SINGLE. STEP of the way. However, others will rain on your parade. Both of those types of people will make your successes so much sweeter. Don’t stop believing in yourself!

As I enter Chapter 30, I am grateful to be able to experience and live in Gods purpose for me. I never would have thought I would be a Blogger, Business Owner and Upcoming Author, but here I am! I am excited to see what this next chapter holds for me in my life.


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